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Embark on an adventurous ride through the streets and jungles of Vallarta while also enjoying its traditional side with a Puerto Vallarta ATV tour. Pass through some of the most quaint towns and beautiful landscapes as you zoom past mesmerizingly green mountainous lands and breathtaking viewpoints. Stop by for a delectable and authentic Mexican meal and take a dip at one of the gushing waterfalls, natural oasis, or rivers. Enjoy the ride on your ATV vehicle along with an expert and professional guide to lead the way through mountain trails. You will be well equipped for the tour with all safety guidelines, instructions, and equipment required to make your ride absolutely safe and secure. Get the best out of this opportunity with the ATV tours Puerto Vallarta and learn about the local culture, interesting facts, and geography as relayed by your local tour guide. So, whether you are with family, friends, or traveling solo, this is an ideal tour especially if you wish to see some of the most iconic locales around the bay.

Best Deals of ATV Tours Puerto Vallarta

Book your Puerto Vallarta ATV tour with us to enjoy the best deals and advantages and make your ride a memorable one. Get the perfect blend of an adrenaline-pumping ride atop your stylish perch and the picturesque and tranquil vistas through which you pass. Start your tour with the ATV rental Puerto Vallarta and a pick up service on an air-conditioned van to the UTV track. Once you arrive at the starting point, you will receive a detailed safety brief from the trained and qualified guides after which all necessary gear and equipment will be provided including helmets and goggles. You can then set off on your very own Polaris RZR UTV for a thrilling ride off the beaten track, through dirt trails and scenic tropical forests. Make several stopovers to enjoy breathtaking views from the best vantage points or visit the majestic waterfalls for a relaxing swim.

Why to Book ATV Tours in Puerto Vallarta?

Why to Book ATV Tours in Puerto Vallarta?

- Best Deals and DiscountBook your Puerto Vallarta ATV tour and enjoy some of the best offers, deals, and discounts on the tour prices. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the amazing Puerto Vallarta region atop your thrilling ride by worrying about exorbitant costs.

- Easy/ ConvenienceEnjoy the refreshing journey through the most scenic mountain and forest trails with absolute ease and convenience with our ATV rental Puerto Vallarta. You do not have to brave the crowds in the heat of the city to get to your UTV track. Moreover, all your safety gear, equipment, and instructions will be provided to you before the tour.

- Advance BookingGet the maximum benefits out of booking your ATV rental Puerto Vallarta in advance and enjoy a hassle free experience on the day of your tour. Being one of the most popular attractions here, the tours tend to get sold out. Hence booking in advance can get you guaranteed access on the day of your preference.

Best Option for ATV Tours Puerto Vallarta

Sierra Madre Horseback Riding and ATV Tour
Sierra Madre Horseback Riding and ATV Tour

Grab the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mexico as well as satiate your appetite for thrill by opting for one of the most popular Puerto Vallarta ATV tour. This is a combination of two exhilarating activities- an adventurous ATV ride through dirt trails and forested lands as well as a horseback ride on the mountains of Sierra Madre. The half day tour is ideal for you especially if you do not wish to explore on foot or want to cover most of the area’s natural landscapes with a qualified personal guide to lead you along.

ATV and RZR Jorullo Bridge Experience in Puerto Vallarta
ATV and RZR Jorullo Bridge Experience in Puerto Vallarta

Embark on this half-day adventure tour that will take you zipping down the Jorullo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Latin America. Book your Puerto Vallarta ATV tour and hop atop a rugged ATV or RZR vehicle to set out on a fun, thrilling, and picture perfect ride. This is also a great way to get away from the bustle of city life and choose the tranquil and rugged off-beaten tracks. Go through the lush forest trails that lead you to some breathtaking view points on mountaintop locations. Stop by the majestic El Salto waterfall on your way to the suspension bridge and enjoy a splash here.

Private Tour: Puerto Vallarta ATV Adventure
Private Tour: Puerto Vallarta ATV Adventure

Head out on a private ATV experience with your ATV tours Puerto Vallarta and discover the spectacular landscapes at your own pace. This is a great way to explore the copious amounts of natural beauty of this region comprising majestic mountains, gushing rivers, pristine beaches, and a range of different terrains. A private tour also gives you the freedom of customizing your day according to your convenience and interests. Drive your powerful ATV vehicle and venture into untapped locales as your local guide relays interesting details about the history and geology of the places.

ATV-Zip Line Combo Adventure Tour from Puerto Vallarta
ATV-Zip Line Combo Adventure Tour from Puerto Vallarta

Escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded city on your very own ATV vehicle and relish the serene natural surroundings with one of the best ATV tours Puerto Vallarta. This combo tour includes and off the beaten track adventure along with an exhilarating zip line tour. You thus get a chance to not only explore the rugged backcountry roads in your ATV, but also to catch spectacular aerial views from an elevated perch along the 8 cables zip line course. Take the tour with your entire family for a wonderful memorable experience as it includes photo and video footage as well.

Know Before You Book ATV Tours Puerto Vallarta

What to Bring
Duration & Tips
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to be able to drive the ATV

  • The maximum age of extra passengers is 6 years old

  • The maximum weight for an ATV ride is 220 kg or 484 lbs

  • You also need to have a valid driver’s license

  • Pregnant women and individuals with heart problems, asthma, and back problems must refrain from the tour for safety reasons

  • People who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to join the tour

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FAQ's of Puerto Vallarta ATV Tours

Is there any weight limit to ride one of the ATV's?

    Yes, there is a weight limit to ride ATVs. You are required to be under 220 kg or 484 lbs to be able to participate in the tour.

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