Scuba Diving in Puerto Vallarta

Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta

Explore the depths of the ocean and swim with the wonderful underwater marine creatures by opting for the Puerto Vallarta Mexico scuba diving. Located on the Pacific coast, this is a haven for travelers who wish to experience the exhilaration of deep diving and witness the scintillating life that thrives under the vast ocean.

Take this opportunity to dive in the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a close encounter with giant manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and much more. The amazing flora and fauna here ensures you an experience of a lifetime with the best scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta. Gear up with your diving equipment and head out to discover awe inspiring stretches of coral reefs, undersea plateaus, channels, pinnacles, and drop-offs. Watch the swarm with lobsters, octopuses, and turtles, among other protected species as you get up, close, and personal with them.

Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta Tour Options

Scuba Diving With A 5-star Padi Center In Puerto Vallarta

Experience the best scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta with this tour option that gives you the opportunity to sharpen your diving skills before you venture out into the deep. Get a chance to dive in the famous Banderas Bay and feel your adrenaline pumping as you go through hidden caves, underwater tunnels, and reefs swarming with vibrantly colored tropical fish. You can also venture into some of the other renowned spots dedicated to diving like El Morro or a nocturnal diving adventure at Los Arcos National Marine Park. Gear up in a Gear up in state of the art equipment and learn with a professional guide who is also a PADI certified dive master.

Puerto Vallarta Beginners Scuba Course

If you do not have much experience in diving, do not worry because here is your big chance to learn and venture out. Get a beginner level scuba course with this Puerto Vallarta scuba diving tour and pick up the basics of diving. You can then head out into the magnificent diving in the waters of Las Caletas that boasts exquisite reefs, sunken caves and a plethora of ocean life, including majestic manta rays, turtles, and exotic fish. Learn from a PADI certified dive master and enjoy a delicious spread of lunch and beverages that is included in the tour.

Diving In Marietas Islands

Get an up and close encounter with some of the most exotic underwater life with this popular Puerto Vallarta scuba diving tour. The entire experience is greatly enhanced by the friendly dolphins of Bahia de Banderas who are ready to welcome you amidst them. You may also get lucky and spot the humpback whales as they surface here. The crystal clear waters here give you excellent visibility and you can enjoy spectacular views of unique rock formations. This section of the Mexican Pacific is a great spot for diving irrespective of which level you are at and you also get a chance to learn much about the rich marine life of this area.

Private Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta Undersea

Set out on a private Puerto Vallarta scuba diving tour with just your own group of family members and friends in your very own boat. It is a great way to enjoy the spectacular undersea life that thrives here with all your loved ones as it is well suited for experienced as well as novice divers. Explore the spectacular reefs around Los Arcos National Park, Majahuitas, the Marietas Islands, or Colomitos. Get the undivided attention of your qualified and skilled tour guide and learn fascinating tales about the marine life in these parts.

Diving In Las Caletas

This area offers one of the best scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta because of the plethora of diving options that are available here. It is great for divers at various levels as you do not need to necessarily dive very deep here in order to enjoy all the exotic sea creatures. If you are an experienced diver you can directly go for your adventure in the water else you can take a diving course in Las Caletas with the PADI certified instructors. Enjoy two dives with the guides on this tour and get more time to explore the wrecks, other interesting areas here, and observe the rich marine life.

Best Scuba Diving Sites In Puerto Vallarta

Marietas Islands

This is a very popular site amongst divers and offers one of the best scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta because of the relentless efforts of the marine reserve here. The pristine topical beauty under the water that includes an underwater mountain range, gives you an opportunity to witness turtles, sharks, as well as other interesting sea creatures.

Las Caletas

This beautiful site owes its popularity to its versatile nature that makes it ideal for both beginner and advanced level divers. The crystal clear visibility at Las Caletas makes it one of the top spots for Puerto Vallarta Mexico scuba diving. Enjoy getting close to the sea turtles and exotic fishes that abound in the in Banderas Bay.

Los Arcos

Visit one of the top places for Puerto Vallarta Mexico scuba diving that promises much to explore and see. Tucked away in the southern part of Banderas Bay, amid a cluster of granite islands, Los Arcos is a great avenue to discover the wonders on undersea life. Witness fascinating lobsters,octopuses, and multitudes of colorful tropical fish glide past you as you go diving here.

El Morro

Located on the edge of the Banderas Bay, this advanced dive site offers some of the best tunnels and caves that you can explore with your PADI Dive Master. Come face to face some of the largest pelagics like rays, manta rays, and on certain occasions, even humpback whales.

Princesa Wreck

There is nothing more fascinating for a diver that the mysterious shipwrecks under water that hold intriguing tales about its history as well as a ship’s mechanisms. Witness the spectacular artificial reefs that are formed when the ships sink. Get an up and close experience at the cemetery of small shipwrecks that lie near the Beach of Mismaloya and holds the remains of the ship Princess Vallarta.


Head to the south of the Banderas Bay to the tiny fishing village of Chimo known for its great diving opportunities owing to its proximity with the edge of the bay. The unique dive site offers an excellent environment for divers being home to a wide variety of tropical fish and large pelagics like manta rays.

Los Anegados

Take an hour long tour in a state of the art dive boat at one of the favorite diving site if Puerto Vellarta located on the outer edge of the Banderas Bay. This unique spot is where the local shallows mingle with deeper waters giving divers a great opportunity to see the underlying eels, rays, and pelagics like jacks and tuna.


Experience a plethora of marine life as you go on your diving adventure at Corbetena that offers crystal clear waters and incredible visibility. You can witness creatures ranging from manta rays and turtles to dolphins and even sharks in these waters.

Know Before You Book Scuba Diving Puerto Vallarta Tour

Additional Info
  • Get your dive certification from a licensed dive operator before you go diving.
  • Pay heed to all the instructions given by your diving instructor.
  • Get to know your buddy well before you go diving in.
  • Breathe normally and do not hold your breath.
  • Do not over exert yourself.
  • If you are a beginner level diver, you can opt for sites like Las Caletas and Los Acros for your tour.
  • You have to be physically fit and have a medical examination before your tour.
  • Stay hydrated as this reduces the risk of decompression.
  • You have to be a minimum of 10 years of age.
  • Eat a measured meal about an hour before diving.
  • Carry your PADI certification.
  • You should not fly within 18 hours if you go for 2 or more dives in a day.
  • Diving is restricted if you have respiratory, cardiovascular or ear problems.
  • You cannot dive if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You will be charged an additional conservation fee at check in.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed.
  • Activity Hours

The entire diving tour lasts about 7 hours but may vary from tour to tour.

  • Things To Carry
  1. Biodegradable Sunscreen.
  2. Swimsuit.
  3. Towel.
  4. Valid Certification Card Minimum Scuba Diver Certification.
  5. Extra cash for dock fees, photos and souvenirs.

FAQ's Of Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving Tours

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta?

Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta can cost you anything between $100 and $12000. It varies from tour to tour, the lowest being a simple scuba diving experience followed by private boat tours and can go up to liveboard weekend experience.

How to book scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta?

The best way to book your Puerto Vallarta Mexico scuba diving is online. This way you can not only enjoy booking from the comforts of your home but also avail of some exiting deals and offers.

Which is the best season for scuba diving?

The moths between November and May are considered the best season for scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta. This is when the sea conditions in the Pacific are at their most calm and serene state. Moreover, you have the maximum chances of encountering pelagics such as the humpback whales and their calves during the winter season.

How long does a scuba diving tour take?

The scuba diving tours in most locations of Puerto Vallarta lasts about 7 hours. These may however vary depending on the tour.

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